What Is Toastmasters?


Toastmasters is a nonprofit organization that educates members on presentation and public speaking skills. The head office is located in Englewood Colo. Toastmasters was developed in 1928 by Ralph C. Smedley. Ralph was working for the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) in Bloomington, Illinois, United States. In his role within the YMCA as a director […]

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Hiring In The Virtual Landscape

Virtual Interview

Workplaces are changing, and with that comes differences in the ways we interact, work and engage with our colleagues, clients and friends. Virtual recruiting is becoming more and more popular and this approach to hiring can offer some major advantages to companies, but also some challenges that we have yet to figure out how to […]

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How Habits Can Help You Become A Better Presenter


Whether you’re leading a business meeting, presenting an important class project or speaking virtually, practice should be a vital component of your preparation process and a contributing factor to your success. Practice ultimately leads to positive habit formation and better, more consistent end results.  The Importance of Practice  We’d all like to be better communicators, […]

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The Power of Feedback


Whether you’re a seasoned speaker, talented trainer or busy event planner, feedback should be on your radar. If you’re the one stepping in front of the audience or alternatively hiring talent for next year’s conference, being open to feedback and using it to propel your events and make them better for the next time is […]

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Decluttering Your Tech

Computer Help

If you’re a tech lover like us you’ve probably accumulated a number of the latest and greatest apps and tech tools over the past few years, without thinking about how they actually fit into your business processes or if there are better, easier solutions out there. Worldwide IT spending is at an alltime high, totaling […]

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Level-Up Your Zoom Calls


Our current work spaces look different (and more digital) than they used to, especially after working from home became a necessary reality during the pandemic. With teams collaborating remotely, virtual meetings are now a new standard practice among businesses as Zoom calls replace regular boardrooms. This truly is 21st-century living! Though working from home has […]

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