Hiring In The Virtual Landscape

Workplaces are changing, and with that comes differences in the ways we interact, work and engage with our colleagues, clients and friends. Virtual recruiting is becoming more and more popular and this approach to hiring can offer some major advantages to companies, but also some challenges that we have yet to figure out how to navigate. Let’s dive in!

The Virtual Recruitment Landscape 

We are all accustomed to traditional recruiting methods, meaning we put on our best suit, travel to an office or recruitment office and are put through in-person interviews. With the shift to virtual workspaces, comes a shift in the recruitment landscape as well. As we continue to transition many of our work processes to virtual, the hiring and recruitment industry is following suit (HRTechCube). Recruiting virtually can offer a number of benefits to organizations, but also comes with some interesting challenges.

Benefits of Virtual Recruiting

Virtual hiring isn’t all that bad… In fact, there are a number of benefits offered by converting part or all of your recruitment process to virtual methods. We’re relying on technology now more than ever to help us connect without physically being in the same place; from video interviews, virtual recruiting events, online surveys and assessments, having the best tools available can not only make our lives easier, but the process better for potential candidates (Harver). Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of virtual recruitment, and why you may want to consider a more virtual approach. 

Increased Reach and a Global Talent Pool

Is your organization moving towards a ‘work from anywhere’ workplace? If so, virtual recruiting gives you unlimited opportunities to reach the best and brightest candidates – geography is no longer an issue!

Improved ‘Time-To-Hire’

Whether you’re a fully remote company or adopting a more hybrid model, converting part of the hiring process to virtual methods will help save time. Not only does this save travel time, but candidates can be fully screened and vetted prior to booking more time consuming in-person interviews. 

Money Saver

Travel, meeting rooms and other expenses are eliminated when conducting interviews virtually. Although, one thing that may be missing is the more personal connection.

Challenges When Recruiting Virtually

Hiring a great candidate and finding the right fit for your organization is hard, add in further complications created by virtual hiring and it can be an almost impossible process. Virtual interviews can be difficult and awkward if not done correctly, so finding a way to make it easier for your team and the potential candidates is important. Some of the most common challenges when it comes to hiring virtual candidates has to do with coordination and consensus amongst the hiring team while still offering a personalized experience for your candidates.

Enter Presentii! This non-invasive tool can help hiring managers hire great candidates easily…

Providing a Great Candidate Experience

The candidate and onboarding experience is evidently affected by the virtual environment. It can be a struggle for organizations to provide a personalized and welcoming experience, while being completely online. Personal connection is limited which has removed that personal touch we once had.

In order to ensure candidates are getting our undivided attention, with all of the distractions that come with working from home, we need tools to help. Luckily there are a number of tools, such as Presentii, that can assist your hiring team, allowing them to focus more on the candidate experience. 

We all struggle to keep track… Keeping track of the process not only makes the candidate experience better but the overall hiring process easier for your internal team. Virtual recruiting relies on technology so incorporating tools to make the hiring process seamless just makes sense. Even with hybrid work models many of the meetings we attend are done on some type of video chat platform, having a tool that captures all of the great insights from these meetings can be extremely valuable. 

By running Presentii in the background throughout discussions and interviews you have the ability to easily and simply keep track of the specific thoughts and comments from your hiring team, while also having the ability to indicate interest levels along the way. Better yet, you can listen back to the entire conversation after to ensure nothing is missed. This leaves your team to focus on the candidates and use their time more effectively during and after the interview. Easily keep track of the entire interview process with Presentii.

How Technology Can Enhance The Recruitment Process 

Virtual recruiting relies on technology, so incorporating the best tools can make the hiring process a lot more seamless. It’s important to note that technology shouldn’t replace all human connection, rather it should be used to aid in the process, so that more time can be spent on actual connections instead of the smaller details and housekeeping. 

Some of the greatest things that automation and  tech offers to this process are time reduction and effort required by applicants and hiring teams, not to mention it speeds up the hiring process as well (Forbes). Take Presentii for example, this noninvasive tool can help hiring managers evaluate great candidates easily, by taking the guesswork out of the feedback evaluation process. Easily review the entire interview and know exactly what each person on the hiring team liked and disliked about your candidates in real time, without having to document pages and pages of notes. If you want to collect specific thoughts, give the survey questions a try.