What is PreseNtii?


  • Set up your event ahead of time.
    • Be prepared to simply hit “start” the day of your presentation. To set up your event you will need a title, presenter name, custom image and event description.  
  • Have a plan for recording your audio.
    • When you are ready for your presentation, either use a laptop or mobile device to sign in and record. Your audio is layered overtop of your audience’s interest feedback on your results graph so you can listen and view the feedback simultaneously.
  • Utilize compatible video conferencing and event platforms.
    • Presentii is Compatible with video conferencing and event platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Hopin, Cisco Webex and more.
    • This is a non-intrusive platform that can be stacked with your favourite presentation software. Simply run Presentii in the background and capture your meeting feedback.
  • Use the survey questions after your presentation.
    • As the presenter, you have the option to include multiple choice questions after your presentation to get additional information from your attendees. This is an important touch point, so take advantage and be as creative as you like. Participants have 5 minutes after your presentation to add their answers. 
  • Tell your attendees what type of feedback you are looking for.
    • When providing attendees with login instructions, use this time to also  share what type of feedback you want. Do you want them to provide their level of interest on each topic? Are you looking to improve your presentation content? Do you want input on your actual delivery of the content? Whatever you need to work on, your audience can be primed to provide you with the right type of feedback.
  • Analyze your presentation results.
    • Results are provided in a graph format with audio overlaid. Analyze your audience reactions to key points during your presentation. Are there trends in the data that can help you identify opportunities for improvement? Are there clear highlights that could be expanded on?
  • Share Presentii ahead of time. 
    • When announcing that you will be using Presentii as a platform for your event, share the website presentii.com so they can learn about this unique web app in advance. This will allow them to get familiar and learn how to provide feedback easily.
  • Don’t forget to end your presentation.
    • At the end of your presentation, either start your optional survey questions, or end your recording to access your event results from your dashboard. 


  • Is this app only for “live” events?
    • Presentii is equally effective for both online or in person events since attendees use their personal smart devices to provide direct feedback.
  • Is Presentii compatible with Zoom?
    • For virtual presentations, pair Presentii with your video conferencing platform of choice, all are compatible, and capture audience feedback as you present. Presentii will simply run in the background in your web browser and integrates seamlessly with your presentation.
  • How do I set up an account? 
    • Setting up an account is simple. Go to host.presentii.com/signup/ and fill in the details. From here you will be able to add to your profile and any details, as well as credit card information that will be held securely on your account.  Once you have your account established, you can set up any event and start getting feedback!
  • Can I add additional presenters to my account?
    • Sub-users on your account can be easily added. Login to your profile and select the Users button at the top. Simply add the email address as a sub-user. They will be able to create events on your account and billing will all be directed to the credit card on file. As an Admin, you can manage and remove user accounts, as well as see all past events from users on your account. 
    • Depending on your subscription level, you have an included amount of users, with the option to add additional users for a fee. Review on your profile and pricing page to make adjustments.
  • What types of survey questions can I add after my presentation? 
    • Depending on your subscription level, post-presentation questions offer a limited number of multiple choice questions which will be aggregated and displayed in easy-to-read charts in the presenter’s event results. 
  • What types of presentations can I use Presentii for? 
    • Presentii is great for all types of presentations, from online meetings to in-person “live” events. Use Presentii for sales pitches to fine tune your close, provide updates at all-staff gatherings, perfect your training skills, conduct demos, hosting a conference or participating on a panel. Anywhere you want to measure the audience’s interest level to gain insights and improve your presentation. 
  • What do results look like? 
    • Your event results will be displayed on your dashboard in your event “results” immediately after your event. It will include a graph of the cumulative responses from attendees along with an audio recording that matches up with those reactions. Within that graph, anonymous attendee comments will be pinpointed along the graph to support positive and negative feedback. 
  • How can I export my results? 
    • This feature is not currently available, however if you would like to provide this feedback to us please email opportunities@presentii.com
  • How many attendees can I have using Presentii at once?  
    • Currently we have a maximum of 500 attendees per event at the professional level, but if you are a mega-presenter, conference centre or meeting planner, please contact us for your specific presentation at customer@presentii.com
  • What is the billing process?
    • A credit card must be added to your account in order to set up an event. Your credit card will be charged on a recurring monthly basis, with the option to cancel at any time. Simply manage your subscription on the “Billing” tab under “Profile”.