Which Presentation Software Is Most Popular?

If you’re showcasing a new product, hosting a webinar, or giving any other type of presentation, chances are you’ve created a slideshow to go along with it. The latest presentation apps make it easier than ever to format slides and look professional without giving off a “this may be a template” vibe.

The most popular presentation software in 2022

  1. Google Slides for collaborating on presentations
  2. Canva for a free presentation app
  3. Beautiful.ai for AI-powered presentations

The best free software options for presentations

Google Slides is a standard presentation app designed around collaboration. It works very similar to PowerPoint and other presentation apps you’ve used in the past, only Google Slides runs in your browser, for free. Google Slides really shines when it comes to collaboration. Share a link to your presentation, and anyone you wish can add details to your slides, write presentation notes, or provide useful comments to improve your presentation.

Canva offers one free plan for any presentation. You can delay account creation until you’ve created your first design, allowing you to start creating your presentation in seconds. Choose from a handful of preset animations to bring your presentation to life, or browse the library of available audio and video files to add some extra flair. 
Beautiful.ai uses artificial intelligence to remove many of the granular and complicated design requirements from the presentation process, allowing you to focus on the content of a presentation without sacrificing professional design. The editor is a little different than most presentation apps, but it’s still intuitive and you start with a short two-minute tutorial. With 10 themes, multiple slide templates, over 40 fully designed templates, and 23 different color palettes to choose from, Beautiful.ai strikes the perfect balance of automation and customization.

Something is missing?

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