Decluttering Your Tech

If you’re a tech lover like us you’ve probably accumulated a number of the latest and greatest apps and tech tools over the past few years, without thinking about how they actually fit into your business processes or if there are better, easier solutions out there. Worldwide IT spending is at an alltime high, totaling over 3.9 trillion in 2021 (WSJ), businesses are spending a lot of money on tech products they might not even use or need.

Most businesses spend a considerable amount of time looking at factors like the effectiveness of sales and marketing, or profits, so evaluating daily processes and tools can be put on the back burner, because as they say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fit it’. Other aspects of business like employee training and retention, conference planning and virtual meetings are equally important and having the best tools to complement your businesses specific goals can be tricky, but it is an important part of business.

Reevaluate Your Tech Stack for the WFH Model

As new apps and tech tools are being released on an hourly basis you may be stuck with an abundance of tools that have left you unfulfilled and looking for more. So, when was the last time you stopped to evaluate whether the products you are using fit your specific business needs and goals?  

The workplace is changing. Since March of 2021, over 20% of Canada’s workforce is working remotely (Statista) and with the new ‘virtual first’ approach, there has been a definite shift in the way we do business. Organizations need the best tools that will compliment their new virtual or hybrid workforce.

In the virtual meeting and event space some of the most well known tools such as Zoom, GoogleMeets or Microsoft Teams are already integrated into your everyday routine, so finding enhancements to these tools that are easily integratable can offer major benefits. Evaluating and understanding your organization’s needs and then choosing tools that support those specific needs should be of top priority. 

Just like we would declutter our desk (I mean, no one wants to see a pile of papers a mile high)  it’s equally important to declutter our tech.

So, here’s a few tips to help you declutter your online tools and leave refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Filling the Gaps 

Just like sales and marketing, technology is used to make business easier and fill in the gaps where your toolkit may be lacking. With so many app options out there, it’s clear that one single tool cannot always do everything you need it to. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself if your current products are working cohesively together. 

Over the past year we have all become very familiar with video conferencing and virtual event platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. Finding supplemental tools that will work alongside these already familiar platforms will make the process easier for everyone. Among all of the great options, one thing you should take into consideration is ease of use and integration with the platforms you are already on. Making it easy for users while also getting the most out of your applications is paramount. 

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with the thought of scaling down or adding new tools to your stack, have no fear. Take a look at your current business needs, find the gaps and then adjust, but don’t forget to incorporate some of the newest tools on the market. 

New Tools, New Me

If one of your problem areas is feedback – I mean how many of us are presenting to a black screen of nothingness… then we have the perfect solution. Presentii! Coming to the end of a meeting, presentation, or training session and realizing you may not receive the honest feedback you desire is never a good thing. The reality is not everyone feels comfortable interrupting to ask their important questions, or being put on the spot in front of colleagues. This may be preventing you from evolving and improving your processes. 

Soo… what is this Presentii tool we speak of? 

It is a specialized tool – we are not like the other web apps. We are an ‘all-encompassing’ feedback web app. Presentii simplifies feedback which makes it very easy to review and share amongst your organization with minimal effort. Experiment and integrate this tool and see how it will easily work alongside your everyday routine.

Compatibility Concern 

Now that you’ve found the perfect tools don’t run into the roadblock of being unable to easily incorporate it into your current workflow. Make sure to do a check and balance that the tools you choose will work into, not against your day-to-day routine. 

We love to be the bearer of good news… Presentii is a non-intrusive tool that can be stacked with your favourite presentation or meeting software. Simply run Presentii in the background and capture your meeting feedback, no download or installation needed. If you’re worried about virtual presentations have no fear, pair Presentii with your video conferencing platform of choice, all are compatible including:  

Google Meets
Microsoft Teams
Skype for Business
Cisco Webex
and more…

See! There are solutions out there that improve the way you do business without interrupting your workflow.

Relax and Reap the Benefits

Once you declutter and set up only the most useful tools, sit back, relax and enjoy the ease of having only the best tools for your individual organizational needs. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy savings and a streamlined workflow?